How to market your products online successfully

by | Jun 8, 2017

Which way is the best to reach my sales target? How to guarantee that the process of online product marketing is going correctly. The answer depends on how your products are marketed, next, I’ll explain how to identify the wrong and right paths of online product marketing through marketing plan tools.

Initially, to know how to market your products online successfully, you need to know the basics of the marketing process known as the marketing mix 7p’s which means that the marketing process is divided into 7 steps (product, price, promotion, place, people, prof, and process). The consistent use of these 7p’s leads to the success of the marketing campaign and reaching the predefined goals when developing the marketing plan for the project.

What we are about to say is that if you want to develop a sound marketing plan you must have its tools from market study, a real presence on Google and on social media, the identification of KPIs. Getting all the tools of the marketing plan ensures developing a successful marketing plan that achieves your final goal.

First: Market study

This step is the essential part of the online product marketing that focus on studying competitors in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, through it you can find out what opportunities are available to you and the threats you may face. As well as, a detailed study of the customers of your target competitors and whether they target the same segment that you are targeting or not. Market research also includes knowledge of your customers’ needs, preferences, purchasing behavior and whereabouts they are in a particular geographical area and knowing where their online presence, is it on Google or on Social Media.

Second: Get your own site

You can identify whether you need a site or not through market study. So, the need to have a site is much important than you think for your trade. In order to that, you should take into consideration your site interface, it must be appropriate to your target segment of customers from usability and attractive colors that reflect the identity of your company and its products. That also means, there must be a variety of the content from text, images, videos that are relevant to search engines and meet all customers’ needs.

When it comes to search engine, the content that applies the Google algorithm and is useful and relevant to what your customers want, that will affect positively on your site traffic and turning leads into real customers.

Third: market your products and services online on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others).

Such as the previous point, the need for a platform was identified through a market study. After knowing who are your customers and which platform they are on, accordingly, the following will be determined:

  • Determine which topic should be published and at what time.
  • Is the content formula will be commercial such as offers and discounts \ or it will provide solutions for common problems that customers’ faced?
  • Determine how the content will be displayed whether through videos, images, Gif, or 360°.
  • Messages and comments respond, and what is the available information to answer on the comments?
  • What are the right topics for ad campaigns and how to set them up?

Fourth: Make your site visible to search engine

There are two ways to appear on Google, either by showing your site in the paid part of Google ads or by appearing within organic search results through SEO; SEO is a process that qualifies your site to appear in organic search results. There’s also, the powerful feature of advertising, which enables your site to appear on different sites, mobile apps, and videos, not just appearing in Google search results. Google ads provide the Remarketing system which makes everyone visit your site without completing the purchase, see your ad everywhere they go on Google and social media to remind them to complete the purchase.

Here you can follow one or both of these methods because using ads simultaneously with SEO reduces overall costs over time, which is great for the online marketing process.

Fifth: Determine KPIs.

To ensure the success of online product marketing, the determination KPIs of your marketing campaign is needed, in order to, avoid moving away from the main objective of the company.  Therefore, you can evaluate your whole work, your team performance, and identify sudden problems to adjust the course towards the specified goal.

Google analytics is a well-known tool that can help in your campaign performance determination, with it you can know all the movements of your client on your site and what topics he prefers and what problems encountered when using the site. Getting such information helps us to develop the campaign to achieve its goal.Conclusion

The way of online product marketing determines the outcome of your marketing campaign and how successful it is. In addition to offline marketing, it is indispensable to increase your popularity, regardless of your target segment, also, it increases your sales by creating potential customers in the long term. Offline marketing is done through television advertising, banners, brochures, flyers, and other tools. Otherwise, e-marketing feature focus on delivering your campaign to your audience target segment through Google and social media channels.

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