Facebook fighting Apple over iOS 14 new privacy feature

by | Dec 23, 2020

Facebook fighting apple

What happens between the Facebook platform and Apple?

why is facebook fighting Apple?  On December 16, 2020, a notice appeared to all page managers on the Facebook platform regarding apple s update to the privacy policy and how this update may affect your ads and thus review and monitor your current ads, and encourage you to share this information within your organization and develop a plan to address this disruption in your current marketing efforts and with This notice is rejected by the Facebook platform for this amendment and its objection to the new policy of Apple!

Facebook fighting Apple over iOS 14 new privacy feature

The new policy is with the new iOS 14 system. It will ask customers whether or not they want to track them by applications such as Facebook and their partner’s small business advertisers.

Therefore, before the Facebook application can track you or share your data using Apple’s designated IDFA, it will require setting New privacy in iOS 14 apple s allows permission for that.

This amendment may sound good when you read it for the first time, but what are the consequences of this amendment?

Was it not previously available in ISO 13 apples? Follow with us the whole story of” Facebook fighting Apple over iOS 14 new privacy feature”.

How did apple s story start?

The story began with an ad idea at Apple and a promise to its customers that

“What happens on the iPhone stays on your iPhone”

The ad appeared on a building along the lines of the famous saying

“What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” and the developers of Apple at the annual conference (WWDC) began announcing that, at the beginning of 2021, the ISO 14 system will perform the maximum protection for privacy and in easier ways for the customer who uses the mobile and in one step, unlike the ISO 13 apple s system that was It takes long steps and does not seem easy to use.

But here, by agreeing to grant some applications the right to collect user data, not only through the application but through the network audience.

this term may be better known to all advertisers on Facebook, as Facebook asks you to target the audience on multiple platforms, not just Facebook, so you follow the behavior of the customer is through tracking all his electronic steps through the Internet.

Every place that has a fingerprint is placed in the behavior file and based on which the appropriate audience is targeted in Facebook ads, for example.

Why do Facebook developers object to this modification?

Facebook announced its rejection and non-support of this new policy for Apple, due to its impact on small businesses, and on the customer as well.

It issued a statement explaining in detail all the technical information on which its refusal was based.

But let’s think about what is the damage caused to small businesses or Facebook users through the iPhone device with ISO 14 system.

First for small businesses: –

Advertising on Facebook depends on the cost per click, which is determined based on the compatibility of your targeting to a suitable audience for the goods or services you offer.

The more you can get to know your audience better, the better the price for the ad will be obtained, but with the new policy, you will not be able to accurately target the customer who uses mobile iso 14 and will not have any interests to help your ad reach the right category, which causes an increase in the cost per click and the cost of reaching your ad.

Secondly for the iPhone 14 iso user: –

By completely blocking Facebook to track them and collect pieces of information of your behavior on other platforms and not creating your own interest profile or behavior and pattern, ads that are not related to your interest will appear to you?! Which leads to an unpleasant or useless experience on Facebook. This is what Facebook sought not to happen by imposing a lot of rules for ads on its platform, and its goal is to provide an enjoyable environment for users, and advertisers who do not adhere to these community policies are punished.

Facebook version “Preparing Our Partners for iOS 14” notice

Facebook issued this notice explaining how this amendment affects Facebook s business partners, and small businesses and how they should prepare for such an amendment with the availability of Facebook support for them, especially since Facebook cannot stop support for Apple devices and withdraw from them and deprive a large number of users from the interaction is on a Facebook platform and thus the work will be done according to this current situation. Focus on this notice that there is a fact that everyone should know, which is that more privacy for users may mean less work for small businesses &Facebook s partners! And an unpleasant experience for iPhone users.

Does what happens on iPhone really stay on iPhone?!

Apple always talks about privacy, that it is safe, and that all its users enjoy the most privacy so that in itself does not look at the data of its customers … But is this really 100% real?

On May 28, 2019, Washington Post published an investigation by Geoffrey A. Fowler, “Technology columnist”.

It proves Apple’s insincerity in what it promotes as he said in his press investigation

(“What happens on iPhone stays on your iPhone” is not true! Our privacy experiment showed that 5,400 cryptic app trackers consumed our data – in one week to companies that did not Hear of it before. Trackers were found in places they had no right to be in. They just weren’t there to view related ads but to steal your private information and sell it at the highest price !!)

Here we find that APPLE, like most companies such as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK cannot preserve your privacy absolutely, and perhaps the only way for no one to penetrate your privacy is to live away from all means of technology so as not to leave any traces behind you! Apple’s pursuit of that new policy is nothing but a monopoly over its customers’ data, and Facebook fighting Apple for that current conflict between “Apple developers and Facebook s developers” is a struggle between Apple and Facebook s that is not in the interest of users or advertisers, and no one knows the extent of its impact on the current advertising volume so far.


Washington Post investigation

Preparing Our Partners for iOS 14

Apple’s Privacy Policy

Facebook platform disclaimer and advertisers warn

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