Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know the appropriate advertising campaigns for my field of work?

Through the e-marketing experts at Alex Softhouse, we can help you choose the appropriate e-marketing means, determine the advertising budget, and analyze the results of your advertising campaign.


Are logo designs and prints available?

Yes, at Alex Soft House we have a team of graphic designers specialized in designing a distinctive logo, prints and designing a complete visual identity for your business. Learn more details about the service through our services: designs and visual identity


I want to make a new project idea, can we become partners?

Alex Soft house specializes in”software and digital marketing”. We can implement your entire idea, whether by special programming, through a specialized programming team and an e-marketing plan on all paid platforms, all within the company’s services at the best possible prices and cost, but we will not finance or contribute to your project.


Do you offer courses and training in the field of digital marketing?

We are a company specialized in providing digital marketing services. We often seek to provide assistance and awareness to our business partners, business owners and private projects owners, through specialized workshops & sessions. We will try to provide a practical course for small business owners in the field of digital marketing soon. Message us through: Contact us to find out the nearest available dates.

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