Start Up Contract

Service Details
The contract provides for the following items:

  • Determines the company’s responsibility for designing the application and its details according to the detailed technical offer agreed upon in the Lean startup method.
  • The contract includes domain reservation, hosting and server management
  • The contract specifies the agreed technology and programming languages
  • The company is committed to providing technical support to the client and his employees in everything related to the application subject of the contract throughout the contract period
  • The company acknowledges that the domain and source code are exclusive ownership of the customer, and their request does not entail any additional costs.
  • The contract includes any additions or modifications to the application throughout the contract period, provided that it is within the limits of the same technology and agreed programming languages.
  • The term of the contract is semi-annual or annual, and it can be renewed automatically, unless one of the parties requests to cancel the contract
  • In the event of cancellation of the contract, the customer has the right for a period of two months to complete the process of delivering the source code to any other company on his part, or it is delivered to him personally with a guide explaining the used codes “Documentation”
  • The contract ends with a request by one of the parties to terminate the contract or to complete the project completely before the expiration date of the contract
  • The average cost of this contract is $2,000 per month. It may be less or more than that, according to the detailed technical offer.

Startup Stages 

One of the most important projects that we worked on is Carrots it’s a platform thant you can make your needs as a mission for limited time

we get postion 51 from 6550 projects in startup power compition 2023

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